Wednesday, December 01, 2010

Good Job, Eddie!!!

Eddie, the poor kid, works so hard to get good grades.  Good marks do not come naturally for him, and he is forced to really focus and exert effort to achieve in school.  Now that he is in middle school, his workload has become even larger and more challenging.

So we were overwhelmed and delighted when we received a letter from the school principal announcing Eddie had made Dean's List!

Way to go, Eddie!  That hard-work ethic that you're learning will serve you well in years to come.  Keep it up!  We're very proud of you!


Nana said...

Congratulations Eddie! I know it took a lot of dedication & hard work on your part to make the Deans List. We are very proud of you!!!

Grandpa Warren said...

Congratulations Eddie. I am very proud of you! Keep up the good work.

Chuck said...

Hey Eddie, good job! That takes hard work, I know - and it's totally worth it.

And what good timing! Christmas is just around the corner!

Matt and Deachi said...

Awesome Job Eddie! Congratulations!

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