Wednesday, December 08, 2010

Eddie's Chorus Concert

Last night, while I was in DC at a restaurant event, Becky had the pleasure to go to the middle school chorus concert.

Eddie was complaining that his teacher, Mr. B, always sticks him in with the boys.  (Eddie would prefer to sing with the girls, where most of his friends are.)  However, as Mr. B explained, he needs Eddie with the boys to "keep the rest of them in tune."  For instance, one boy in the chorus should sing soprano (because his voice hasn't changed yet), but as a typical middle school boy, he is overly concerned with his "masculinity" and doesn't want to sing high.  So he tries to sing tenor, and just can't stay in tune below his natural range.   (All of this was explained by Eddie; isn't it incredible how knowledgable he is with his music?  Mrs. V's training is really evident.)

Anyhow, it was a nice concert, and Becky got some nice close up photos as well.  As one girl in the concert told Becky, "Eddie makes that chorus uniform look good!"

Enjoy the video:

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