Thursday, November 05, 2009

Luke as James Madison

Luke will be in a school play shortly. He's playing as James Madison, one of the "heros" of Virginia.

Becky made the costume. Everybody knows she's the real hero of our family. He looks outstanding!


sharon said...

Wow, Luke looks great! Where did you guys get that cool wig? Is that one of Phil's? Great costume. Good Luck Luke.

Adolfo said...

Becky is just awesome. The costume is great! Luke sooo look te part!
Looking fwd to the video :)

Lorie said...

My son is James Madison in a program this month. I was searching online for costume ideas and this one is amazing. I would love to know where you got the wig or if Jill made that as well.

Scott said...

My wife, Becky, made the ruffly neck piece from scratch. The jacket is just a boy's blazer. The waistcoat was borrowed from a thin male friend (and fitted in the back with safety pins). The pants are baseball pants, with soccer socks. The wig: link

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