Friday, November 06, 2009

Congratulations, Eddie!!

Today we learned that Eddie was selected to be in the Loudoun District Chorus!! This was a chorus that he had to try out for, and be selected to be in from among 6, 7, and 8th graders from all over the district.

The District Event will be held February 12-13, at Stone Hill MS and Park View HS. Come one, come all. We'll stack you like cordwood in the basement and guest bedroom.


Adolfo said...

Felicidades Eddie! We are so proud you- always.
I am looking forward to see more of your singing- you are very good, just like Luke is at his guitar. I sense a great duo- The Harris Brothers? Let me know, so I can open your fan club page for you guys- woohoo!
Love to all,
Tio Adolfo

Merrick said...

congrats Eddie! Great news - wish we could make the trip - one day soon we do want to come for a visit, but it will probably have to be a summertime trip.

Matt and Deachi said...

Congratulations Eddie!!

Nana said...

Congratulations Eddie. I hope I will be able to attend! I love hearing you sing!

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