Sunday, November 01, 2009

Heritage Hall Visit

Today was Luke's first day with St. Pete's Pets. We headed over to Heritage Hall for our monthly visit with the residents, this time with Luke as Frank's handler. Eddie, of course, is an old pro by now, so he hung with Chris and Annie, while Colleen and Bits came along with us.

The highlight of the day was visiting with dear old Mrs. Hankins, who is always so energetic and loves to see the boys. As we were bidding her adieu, she held out her hand to shake ours goodbye. Then she proceeded to kiss each of our hands with great formality. But with Luke, after kissing his hand, she suddenly yanked him in tight and hugged him. It was very sweet.

It's always nice to visit with the folks at Heritage Hall. I'm glad the boys enjoy it as much as the residents enjoy seeing them.


Matt and Deachi said...

I think it is so great that you all do this!

Dad said...

It is wonderful that you and your boys do this. I expect to see you at my doorstep soon.

mom said...

I think more parents should encourage their kids in community service!

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