Thursday, May 14, 2009

Welcome, Chuck!

Sorry for the crappy picture. I caught him with his mouth full of dinner and his eyes closed. Oh well. Welcome!

Chuck is here through Tuesday. When Becky visits Chuck, he takes her to the theater, to the concerts, on bicycle rides through the park.

When Chuck visits Becky, he gets to eat cheese-weiners, go to soccer games, and the mall. Ah, Suburbia!


Mom said...

I'm sure Becky can cook him a few of her gourmet meals that rival some of those fancy restaurants in Vancouver, BC. I didn't cheese any cheese weiners on his plate! Enjoy your visit!

Chuck said...

I look like Paul Lynde. Actually, that meal was spectacular, curried beef short ribs. And I've had a wonderful time.

Adolfo said...

One of the many things I love about Chuck is that he has not lost 'the child inside him'- so playful and spontaneos- and cute, charming, etc... I can keep going ;-) I miss him.

I absolutely love the shot you took of Chuck with the snake- my favorite!-

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