Friday, May 15, 2009

Fun with Reptiles

The boys (and I include Chuck in this) enjoyed finding and playing with some reptiles in the yard today. Our friend, the black rat snake came back to see us in the driveway, and Chuck managed to molest it to the point of getting bit.

Meanwhile, in a more peaceful part of the yard, Eddie and Luke played with a very small box turtle that they found while mowing.

No one was seriously hurt, although Chuck gave it the good college try.


Mom said...

When I was a kid, we lived in an area that was mostly prairies until the developers moved in to change everything. We had lots of wildlife, snakes, box turtles, cottontail bunnies, scorpians & horned toads& coyotes. Needless to say, we had plenty of wildlife to capture & release. We played outside all the time. The one thing I never got used to was the snakes. We had every kind of snake you can imagine. To me the only good snake was a dead snake. Not being able to tell the good snakes from the poisonous snakes, most of the snakes that invaded our yard fell victim to Grandpa's shovel blade. Over the years, I have somewhat resolved my issues with snakes. I avoid areas where there might be posionous snakes & enjoy those that are behind glass!

Mom said...

I hope Chuck cleaned the wound well & has a current tetanus shot!

Adolfo said...
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Chuck said...

One week later: hives.

Chuck said...

Scott takes excellent pictures. When the action gets heavy, he just keeps right on snapping. Thanks for capturing this, Scott! My first snakebite... hard to believe I didn't get one when I was a kid. But let this be a lesson to everyone -- you can live your dream.

Adolfo said...

Holy! I just noticed the pic at the moment Chuck was getting the bite!! WOW!

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