Sunday, May 17, 2009

Scott's Ravings -- Now Available in Hardcover!

I admit that the audience for these may be limited--probably just to my mother--but, nonetheless, I am very pleased to announce that Scott's Ravings are now available in both hardcover and paperback.

Three volumes have been published:

Volume Four will be available sometime in 2010.

These would make great gifts for friends and relatives that may find themselves in their pages! Or if you just like looking through the travelogues in Scotland, Ireland, Sedona, or Palm Springs. There's a few recipes in there as well, or maybe you just like the photos of flowers. You'll also find lots of information on hosting a Burns party. There's plenty for everyone. And a portion of each sale goes to a worthy cause--the Eddie and Luke College Savings Fund!

Seriously, if nothing else, for me, it's just a nice way to archive the years of writing and photos.

By Scott E. Harris

By Scott E. Harris

By Scott E. Harris

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