Saturday, May 16, 2009

The Oxen and The Wheels

I love Luke's writing, and this fable he wrote is my new favorite. He really captures the essence of the fable in the tone of his writing.

The Oxen and the Wheels
by Luke Harris

One day some oxen were about to pull a heavy load of silver in a very old cart. Their master was still getting ready. Then finally, they were ready to go to the market.

Not five minutes after they left, the wheels started to groan really, really loud. Yet, the oxen are silent. The master gets really mad at the wheels.

Then the master gets so mad he hollers at the wheels, "Why do you groan so loud? You aren't even carrying any weight and do you hear the oxen? They are completely silent. They are the ones who are carrying all the weight. Why can't you be like the oxen? Next time if you are not quiet, you are firewood!"

Moral: He who groans loudest is often least hurt.

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