Sunday, May 17, 2009

May "Cookout"

We had planned a cookout for last night, but the storms and rain kept us all indoors. The usual crowd came over--Pam and Phil, Leslie and Scott, Sharon and Desi, plus Chuck, and of course, all the kids.

The men enjoyed sampling my bottles of Koval Midwest Wheat and Koval Rye Chicago. We sampled them til they were half gone!

The plus side to all the rain was that at least now my rain barrel is full!


Adolfo said...

Orgasmic Midwest Weed. I mean, the Organic Midwest Wheat. How is the taste like? Does it have alcohol in it? It sounds kinda interesting.
It looks like the kids were busy and you all were having a good time.
I wish I were there!
I love the picture of Chuck and Frank! Good one Scott!
Where is the rest of the crowd? Pam looks very pretty- as usual.
Cheers from Lou and I :)

Adolfo said...

Scott, If I hadn't talked to Becky I would have guessed that there was no food during dinner! - I miss your meal shots- I wished I had seen newest Chuck's favorite meal- Becky's Beef Curry.

Scott said...

Yes, it has alcohol. It's kind of like vodka with flavor. Sorry for no meal shots. I was so busy eating! It was delicious hamburgers with a mozzarella tomato basil salad.

George said...

Now that looks like an interesting tipple!

Aged at all??? (o;

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