Thursday, April 02, 2009

Adventures in Business Class

I'm back home again, and happily so, since I got bumped up to business class!

United has this new business class on their 767's which is almost as nice as any first class I've ever seen. The chairs are little mini-compartments that lay down absolutely flat. Each console has a 21" screen with complete video on demand. There were something like 30 movies to choose from, and on the five hour flight, I was able to choose two: Valkyrie (which was actually quite awesome... I didn't find Cruise at all annoying!) and Yes Man (which was cute, if not predictable).

The console also includes TV shows (I caught half of Globetrekker in L.A. before we landed), audio books, kids programming, and even games. The arcade games are a little difficult because the controller is not very responsive. I would mash the buttons two or three times to make them take effect. You cannot win Luxor mashing each button three or four times, I can tell you that.

However, for Blackjack, the controller worked great, and I was able to amass $10,000 before it was time to land.

On the down side, the breakfast stunk (cold hardboiled eggs and a slice of mystery deli meat), and the overhead space is totally gone. I could barely fit my bags into the overheads, and with the new bed consoles, there's not room under your seat for a laptop bag.

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