Monday, March 30, 2009

O Sushi

I'm in Seattle again on business. I was talking with Eddie on the phone, and he convinced me to try the Sushi restaurant across the street from my hotel.

The O Sushi and Grill is one of those pay-by-the-plate conveyor-belt sushi restaurants where you can watch the nigiri and sashimi go by with little regard to what is happening to your wallet!

Before the night was through, I had supped on some excellent tuna, salmon, octopus, pickled seaweed, edamame, miso soup, and--my favorite of the night--a "Las Vegas" roll which contained avocado, eel, salmon roe, tempura shrimp and a light mayonnaise sauce. (It really was quite delicious!) Eddie implored me to try something new, and that was it!


Merrick said...


Mom said...

How do they know what to charge you? If you eat like your Dad, you could polish off several pieces of sushi before the conveyer belt has made a revolution.

Scott said...

Yellow plates = $1.75
Green plates = $2.25

It adds up quickly.

Dad said...

This looks absolutely fabulous. I worry that I will be dreaming about Sushi rotating through my brain all night long tonight. Maybe I should jump in the cars and run up to the Mall of America so that I can get my Sushi fix.

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