Thursday, December 25, 2008

Christmas Carols 2008

Every year, we celebrate Christmas by recording a few Christmas carols with the family. This year, Nana and Grandpa joined us for this solemn and sacred tradition. Eddie and Luke start us off with the very beautiful Blanca Navidad, dedicated to Tio Adolfo and Uncle Chuck. Afterwards, Eddie plays some piano, sings a bit, and Luke plays his guitar and sings as well. You might have to get some earplugs for Eddie and my rendition of What Child Is This? I'm not saying Eddie doesn't sound great, but...


Mom said...

You are teacjing your boys how to ham up beautiful songs. They have the voices of angels!

Adolfo said...

WOW! Thank you so much for the Blanca Navidad you guys- that was soo sweet. I agree with Sandi, they have voices of angels!
Scott, technology is definitely your stuff... :)- lol. It sounded like you all were having so much fun. Keep it up!-

Love to all from us here in the SNOWY! Vancouver.
About to head towards Mexico & Wisconsin tomorrow morning.

Love to all from all of us here
PS This posting was soo cute! btw, Eddie and Luke's Spanish- they got an 'A'.

Chuck said...

It was a verrrrrry white christmas, and we had a great time with Mom & Dad -- although we didn't sing any carols. We basically left the singing up to Barbra Streisand and the Barenaked Ladies. But I'm going to put this in the rotation for next year!

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