Thursday, December 25, 2008

Luke's New Red Ryder BB Gun

For those of you wondering about the BB gun for Luke... We decided that Luke has been very mature and responsible, and since he's had a BB gun safety class in scouts, he was ready to receive his own BB gun. However, new privileges come with new responsibilities, so Luke had to agree to our terms to get the gun:

Luke's gun is a spring-loaded air-powered traditional BB rifle, unchanged in design since the original 1938 model. It has a real wooden stock, and real steel parts--no plastic at all. This rifle should be good for years to come.

Grandpa, Luke and I took the gun out for some target practice after lunch. Luke, after a few misses, finally got the hang of his weapon, hitting the soup can four times in a row, and five shots out of six! Luke is quite the dead-eye!

Grandpa proved to be a pretty good marksman, hitting the soup can pretty much every time he aimed the gun. But then, Grandpa was in the Army, so he's had a lot more practice than Luke.

As for me, I was a pretty good shot too, but not as good as Grandpa. I'm hoping to peg a rabbit sometime for dinner. We'll see. I haven't seen too many rabbits lately. They must have heard about Luke's gun.

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