Saturday, November 08, 2008

Scouting for Food

Scouting may have its faults, but one thing that I'm really proud of are the service projects we do each year with the boys. I think it's really important to expose the boys to a number of service projects. The boys learn that there are needy people out there, and that they can help to make a change for those folks. The boys see tangible results from their own efforts, whether it's cleaning up an old lady's yard, pulling weeds at the church, or my personal favorite: Scouting for Food.

This was Scouting for Food weekend, and today we went around the neighborhood collecting bags that we had set out last week. People donated canned and dried goods, which we delivered to Loudoun Interfaith Relief, the local food shelter. Times are tough for a lot of people right now, tougher than in years past, so it was really gratifying to do this work with the boys.

For my own den, which is about ten boys, we collected over 800 pounds of food! That's 80 pounds of food for each boy--about double the pack average! For the pack (about 50 total boys), we usually collect just over 2,000 pounds of food. That is a lot of food. All of it then goes on the shelves at Loudoun Interfaith Relief and costs them nothing.

The boys have a lot of fun collecting the bags, and I believe events like this also help them to appreciate just how lucky they are to be setting down each night to a warm meal. Lots of people, even in our wealthy county, still struggle with that.


Dad said...

You are such a good father. While scouting helps build character in our youth, it can only work when parents are willing to give also. You never just hand your kids off to someone else and let them build the character of your sons. You are always involved and help build the character of not only your sons, but also others who aren't as lucky to have you and Becky for parents.

Mom said...

You are such a good Dad. If not now, someday your boys will appreciate just how many sacrifices you made to spend quality time with them. Scouting provides great lessons in citizenship!

My Dad was a Scoutmaster for years. He had scouts that kept up with him until he died a few years ago. They really appreciated the time & effort that he spent with them. His troop at that time, had more Eagle Scouts than any other troop in OK.

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