Sunday, November 09, 2008

Flooring is FINALLY done!

Before I started this project, I had estimated it to be one that I could easily finish in a single weekend. Unfortunately, as is usual for me, I woefully underestimated the job. The flooring took more like four weekends to complete, but as of tonight, it's DONE! Hooray!

So, as a recap, our entire second floor is now Witex Town and Country Honey Oak. The boys have new furniture from Ikea, and Becky's allergies are already getting better. (That carpet was nasty!) Frank is having difficulty getting enough traction to get onto beds, and he skitters into walls most hilariously when we get him wound up with his toy. We'll have to get him some no-slip pads for his footies.

The flooring looks absolutely gorgeous, and because it's a floating floor, I had to install quarter-round around all the baseboards. Of course, my best looking miter cuts are those that are placed in the back corners of closets, under toe kicks in the bathroom, or behind the bedroom doors. All the visible miter cuts, the ones you will see every day, are, well, not as good. That's just my style. I'm like a spy--all my best work is behind closed doors.

My favorite part of the floors, strangly enough, is how nice the transition strip between the wood and the attic carpet looks. I don't know why, but I really like it! It's so clean and screwless!

No sooner did I finish the flooring job, than I had to run outside, spade in hand, and get my 1,000 King Alfred daffodils planted before it snows. Yeah, I said one thousand. I kinda went a little nuts this year. Sure enough, I wasn't able to get 1,000 planted today, but I'm really pleased (and a little surprised) that I did manage to get 500 of the bulbs into the ground. The boys and I planted them all along the hillside, so our neighbors should have a lovely display come late March.

If anybody wants to buy a spare bag of 250 daffodils or so, just let me know. I've got a couple bags I'm not using.


mdautrich said...

Looks great! I would love to plant daffodils, but I seem to kill everything but weeds. I don't even know if they do well in this climate. This year might be a little better with our plantings since we finally have a sprinkler system!

Chuck said...

Wow, that looks great! Let us know if you consider making a career of floor installations, we need a new one here.

gaz said...

nice work chief.
we have a couple of those leksvik commodes in our bedroom.

Scott said...

gaz: That nightstand does rather look like a commode! Luke likes the "secret compartment" on top.

chuck: We'll see how this economy goes. Do you pay per diem? :-)

Mom said...

Wow Scott! The new floor looks great. I'm eager to see it in person. The boys new bedspreads will look really good with them.

Adolfo said...

Excellent Job Scott! Great improvement!

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