Saturday, November 08, 2008

Becky's First 5K

Becky's been running lately, and not just away from us boys. For the past six months or more, she's been training from a book called Running for Mortals. She's really enjoying herself and was ready for her first race today.

Sharon came over at about 7:30 and they headed up to the train station, where the "Turkey Trot" began. The race came right down the street behind our house (where we cheered enthusiastically for her!), and then looped around the north side of town, and back down the W&OD trail back to the station.

Becky didn't get her time, but she wasn't that interested in what it was anyway. She was just glad to do her first race! She did great!

There goes Sharon. You had to take the picture fast, because she's so speedy!

Here comes Becky!!

Look, she's not even winded! Piece of cake!

Man, look at that sprint! What determination!! That's the same look she gives when Eddie's about to do something he shouldn't.

Pretty tired when it's all over.

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