Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Happy Veterans Day

Happy Veterans Day! Today, I want to thank the folks in my family who did their part to keep our country free and safe. War, no matter what the cause, is ugly business, so I am genuinely thankful to those who were forced to be a part of it.*

Grandpa Harris was enlisted in the U.S. Army and fought in World War II. He is registered with the National World War II Memorial site in Washington DC. You can read his profile here.

Grandpa Guier also fought in World War II, but he served in the U.S. Navy. You can see Grandpa Guier's World War II Memorial registry here.

Ed served in the U.S.M.C. in Vietnam as a radio operator. Shipboard, he made it through a hell of a big typhoon in the Gulf of Tonkin, which the next morning had buckled the ship's deck more than twelve inches.

My own Dad served in Vietnam in the U.S. Army as an Ordnance officer, stationed at Cameron Cam Ranh Bay. Dad then went on to a 20+ year career as an Army officer, retiring as a Lieutenant Colonel.

I can't forget my good buddy, Jim Alivs, who served in the Infantry in the first Gulf War. He scared the enemy with that face!

Thank you, vets!

*I use the term "forced" here not because these gentlemen were conscripts, but because nobody wishes to be a part of a war, and the events of history force themselves upon us.


Matt and Deachi said...

Thank you Grandpa Harris, Grandpa Guier, Ed and Warren!!!

mdautrich said...

Thanks all!!!


Jim said...

Good Lord! I look like the poster-child for PTSD!

BTW - I was an Interrogator in Desert Storm - when I left the National Guard and went Regular Army I hung up my Infantry-Blue cord and became a Military Intelligence type.

BTW - that was funny as heck...
Good work.

gaz said...

happy veterans' day my american friend.
it's good to read that harry made it too.

Mom said...

I'm not sure if being forced into military service is the right term. I think years ago more people felt an OBLIGATION to serve their country to protect our shores. Grandpa Harris, Grandpa Guier & your Dad all VOLUNTEERED for military service during a time of crisis. Knowing Ed he probably did too. Dad was in college & "Safe" at the time of the Viet Nam conflict, but felt an obligation to his country to serve in the military.

If you have never served in the military, you can never understand the tremendous sacrifices the military members & their families make to allow us to enjoy the freedom & peace of mind that we have.

Ed said...

Your dad might have been at Cam Ranh Bay in Vietnam? The sentiment is appreciated, and of course I get to celebrate the Marine Corps’ 233rd birthday today as well.

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