Thursday, October 23, 2008

The Michael Show

I was going to post the videos from our wedding, but even though I greatly compressed the video from over an hour and a half (most of it is our insufferable preacher talking endlessly) to just about five minutes, it's still not the most exciting stuff.

For any of the real die hards out there who want to see it, you can view all of my wedding videos at YouTube by hitting this link. Highlights include some of the last footage of all the grandparents, including especially good close-ups when we were all posing for the big group photo after the receiving line.

I will call your attention to the wedding reception, which was one hell of a good party! My favorite part of this video is around 7:37 when the future Most Reverend Michael Harris puts on quite a salacious show.

Merrick and Deachi were pretty "loaded" in this video, and it's fun to watch them follow around my rather handsome best man, Rob. Olech shows up in this video too, as a thirteen year old. There are lots and lots of other relatives too, like the last video I have of Grandpas Harris and Guier, and Grandma Harris too. Viola makes her appearance, as do all the aunts and uncles.

Of course, Becky is gorgeous--absolutely stunning! And as for me, well, I look like I'm about fourteen years old. (Perfectly legal marrying age in Georgia.)


Matt and Deachi said...

What a great video! At least Mike stopped with the shirt and didn't move to the pants! :)

Scott said...

Yes, we can ALL be thankful for that!

Mike said...

I've always been Hot and I have to share that with the world. Pastor's are people too! Women have always wanted me and I have had to fight them off. Even more now that I am a man of God. Women think I can get them things, like into heaven. What a great videographer you had!!!

Mom said...

Great stuff! It was a great wedding & reception! I kept looking for Mike's 6 pack when he took his shirt off, but never did find them! Merrick & Deach had big hair back in those days! Too funny! You did get some good pictures of the grandparents. You looked like a baby & Becky looked gorgeous. I had forgotten how beautiful her wedding dress was!

Chuck said...

Wow, Scott, look at all that hair! And Becky, radiant as always... and her bridesmaids, beamed down for the occasion.

Scott said...

I particularly enjoyed seeing you and Kira swoon it up on the dance floor.

mdautrich said...

Good times...that was a fun wedding, not so fun making the really long drive home with my first ever hangover though.

Adolfo said...

Very cool video Scott. Becky looks so, so pretty!_nothing new there :)
You look like the the Juno guy- the same thing!
I am particular impressed of how patriotic your wedding was. My interpretation based on the visuals... The two mom-in-laws were in agreement for this:

Becky and you: White
Mom: Electric Blue
Sandi: Red
= American Flag!
That's call coordination!

*Chuck's moves were/are hot ;-)

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