Thursday, October 23, 2008

Mr. Obama Comes to Town

Barack Obama came to Leesburg yesterday. CBS estimated 30,000 people were present for the rally at Ida Lee Park (where I swim and work out in the mornings). That's as many people as live in Leesburg! Traffic was completely gridlocked getting into and around Leesburg, from about two o'clock through until nine o'clock. My commute was 90 minutes yesterday, and trying to find alternate routes around the gridlock took me all the way into Fauquier county before getting me home.

I really, really wanted to go. This was history in the making. But with the traffic issues, the huge crowd, and having to take off half the day to be there, I finally decided not to show up.

My friend, Clarence, did go, and he got some great shots of the rally. Since I couldn't be there, here are some of his photos.

I'll just have to wait until I get that invitation to the White House to meet Mr. Obama.

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