Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Maxa Road

This is my last video from Dad's old 8mm film. For those wanting to run through the entire set of old movies again, use this link on YouTube.

Around 1975, we lived in Aberdeen, Maryland, and lived on Maxa Road next to the Interstate.

There's some fun video in here of Schatzie attacking me as I slide down my new slide.

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mom said...

Not only did we live right next to the Interstate, it was I-95!! We were so naive & dumb when we bought that house - our first house.

Shatsie didn't have much patience with the wild antics of little boys. When you were born, she sat on top of you in your carrier & then bit you when you grabbed her whiskers. When Mike was born she repeated the same performance. By then she had established herself as the alpha dog!

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