Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Christmas in Ponca City, 1974 1975

Here are the last of my Christmas videos, all of these from our visit to Ponca City. Despite what the videos say, Merrick points out to me that these videos are from 1975.

First, we visited Grandpa and Grandma Harris's house on Maple Avenue. Here we spent Christmas with Tricia and Travis and Aunt Pam and Uncle Lynn, David and Aunt Nena, and Grandma and Grandpa Harris.

Next, we went to visit to the Pioneer Woman Statue, Ponca's most famous landmark.

After this, we spent some time visiting at Grandpa's house on Whitworth. Merrick shows up in this video as just a baby. I particularly like Aunt Terry's flowing gown. Very stylish! I'm thinking maybe she just returned from the Lawrence Welk show, where she performed a beautiful aria. Uncle Bobby and Grandma and Grandpa are also in the video.

Finally, after the present opening, we rode horses at Uncle Butch's and Aunt Ruth's ranch.


Matt and Deachi said...

Those were fun to watch. Thanks for posting all of these Scott!

Mom said...

Those were good pictures. You got most of the family at one point or another. Lots of good pictures of all of your grandparents.I think Charlene was in the one picture on the horse with Kimberly. The pictures of Grandma Guier were some of the best I've seen!Sad when you think, she wouldn't live to see Christmas 1977.

mdautrich said...

I was a chunky little monkey! I think that was probably Christmas '75 since I was born in Nov of '74 - it looks like I was probably a year old in that video.

Love seeing the videos of Grandma (& Grandpa). I only have 2 memories of Grandma, so its really special to me to be able to see her in these!


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