Saturday, September 13, 2008

The Bushhogs Win It! Four-Zip.

First, let me just repeat that. Yes, the Bushhogs. That is the name the boys have chosen for their soccer team! A lawnmower.

Luke had a great day today with his first game of soccer. He really played his heart out; it was such a joy to see him playing so confidently. (Except for the third quarter, where he had a problem with the drawstring on his shorts and his britches kept falling down. He was a little distracted that quarter.)

Luke even managed to score the final goal of the game, slamming the Lovettsville team four to nil. (Not that we're gloating. It was just good to see the boys having fun and playing good ball. Really.)

Here are some awesome action shots from the day! At the end of the hard game, Luke earned a well deserved kiss from his mother.

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