Saturday, September 13, 2008

Virginia Scottish Games 2008

After Luke's soccer game, we headed over to Sky Meadows State Park for this year's Scottish festival and highland games.

The Virginia Scottish Games are always excellent! Plenty of food, drink, games, shopping, piping, and dancing. Plus, it's a great excuse to wear the kilt!

This year was special in that I got pulled in to be a volunteer for the caber toss. Yes, I can actually say that I was part of the event and handled the caber very well. Of course, I was the caber toss equivalent of the water boy. My job, along with two others, was to go and fetch the caber and bring it back each time it was thrown. This sounds rather trivial, but the caber weighed in at 275 pounds (almost 20 stone!), and we had to bring it back over eighteen times! It was hard work, but it earned us a great t-shirt and the privilege of getting front row seats to the event. We only had to make sure we stayed at least 23 feet back. As the man told us, "You bring the caber in, walk it up with your hands so the athlete can grab it, and then, GET THE HELL AWAY!"

The festival was super fun, and the athletics were really enjoyable. The only complaint was the stifling heat and humidity of the day. It was over 85 degrees and oppressively humid. After spending a couple of hours at the park, we headed back home to cool off and rest for the remainder of the day.

Here are my best and some of Becky's best photos from the day:

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