Friday, September 12, 2008


Disclaimer: I've had a recent and very painful run-in with family on matters political. Since this is my blog, I plan to continue to post my opinions here, since nobody is compelled to read my blog. If you have strong feelings about politics, and anything I say here is going to hurt your feelings, please skip the political entries. If you feel that an honest dialog based on the facts is possible, I encourage you to comment in the comments section below.

This video, not produced by the Obama campaign, sums up why I cannot vote for McCain. Because McCain will do anything now to be elected.

Backstory: McCain released a smear ad last week suggesting that Obama's education plan taught sex to pre-schoolers. This is preposterous and the lowest form of gutter deception!

The Truth: The Obama plan would teach children how to recognize inappropriate behavior (from strangers, regarding touching, abuse, etc.) and how to protect themselves from these very real dangers. In fact, these are the exact same principles taught to every Cub Scout upon their first week in scouting. Is McCain suggesting that Cub Scouts are teaching our children about sex? Of course not.

McCain is expecting to illicit a reaction from people who are either too lazy to dig deeper into the facts, or have already made up their mind so firmly on Obama, that they will not be swayed.

It just makes me furious that this once honorable man has stooped so low to win an election, whatever it takes.

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