Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Fun at the Loudoun County Fair

Last night, we took Nana and the boys to the Loudoun County Fair. The fair was pretty fun. We started off with dinner of schnitzels, bratwursts, and kebabs at the Hamburg Döner cart, followed by a few rides at the carnival. The boys enjoyed seeing all the animals, especially the super friendly camel at the petting zoo.

The "Main Attraction", however, was the demolition derby. This year, they smashed up four-cylinder cars and minivans! The derby was wicked fun! There's such an element of danger involved--you really feel that somebody could die in these events! This, of course, adds to the excitement.

Here are some fun photos and a video from the evening. The video is only six minutes long, but if you just skim it, be sure not to miss the purple car at 2:30 in the video!

If you've never taken the kids to a traditional county fair, you should! They will love it! Just bring lots of cash. The fair sucks away dollars quicker than a Las Vegas strip club.

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