Wednesday, July 30, 2008

The Atrocious Eighties -- Disneyworld and the Cadet Corps, 1987-1989

As the eighties were nearing an end, the fashion was in full glorious blossom (much like a corpse flower). Here, my father does his impersonation of a smokestack, wearing his baseball cap like some kind of infantry general (and again, looking very dapper at that!). We were touring Disneyworld with our Dutch exchange student, Erin Djikstra, and his family.

Not to be left out of the fashion disaster, here I am with my butt-ugly plaid shirt with red suspenders (God! What was I thinking?). The only thing I'm proud of in this picture is my Sampson-like flowing flaxen locks--hair that I will never see again! Of course, my mother with her ultra-wide glasses and bracelets-for-earrings is very fetching, while Mike is over-the-top in his permed mane (seeking too much to look like his mother, I think!).

Finally, as the eighties ended, I found myself at Virginia Tech, in the Virginia Tech Corps of Cadets. By my sophomore year, I had risen high enough in the Corps that they had allowed me the use of weapons. Here are Brian Kinard and I, in formal dress uniform, trying to lop each other's heads off.

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