Tuesday, July 29, 2008

The Atrocious Eighties -- Christmas in Ponca City, 1985

Every now and then, we would return from Germany and stay in our unofficial hometown of Ponca City, visiting with relatives on both sides of the family. Christmas would be parceled out evenly between the Harrises and the Guiers. In this set of photos, we had just moved from Kansas City and were newly planted in Starkville, Mississippi, but managed to come back up to Oklahoma for Christmas.

In this first photo, Mike is doing the "Bump" with some unknown relative's ass. What makes this photo funny is, if you know Mike, the relative pictured probably didn't know she was going to get "Bumped", and promptly got knocked on her ass immediately after the photo was taken.

Here are three photos of our Guier cousins. Merrick, Deachi and Olech were such good looking kids. They could each have been child catalog models. Mike and I always enjoyed spending time with Merrick, Deachi and Olech. Most of our time was spent in the girls' bathroom trying on all their makeup. We were weird kids.

Not to be left out, the Harris clan got together for Christmas as well. On the back row are Great Aunt Nena, Grandma, Grandpa, and Mom. Front are Aunt Linda, a very thin Dad, and the devil-child (Mike).

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