Monday, July 28, 2008

The Atrocious Eighties -- Kansas City, 1982-1983

The Eighties started off nicely enough, with the sweetest dog we ever did own--yes, even sweeter than Frank. Dear old Muffin was a wired-hair dachshund whose back-end tried to out-run her front-end when she got to running too fast. This photo is from 1982. I love the Seventies sneakers and deep pile carpet in baby-barf yellow.

Grandpa Guier and his sister, Aunt Bea, never got along too well. Grandpa and Aunt Bea were both far too opinionated to tolerate each other very much. So here is a remarkable photo of them actually looking congenial. (Circa 1982)

Grandpa and Grandma Harris came to visit us in 1982. If you look closely, you can see my dad's bitchin' tinted specs! Dad was a paragon of fashion in the eighties.

This was my first love: the Epson QX-10. This was one of the most advanced CP/M computers ever produced, predating the ubiquitous IBM PC, with a far more sophisticated set of applications. This computer was WYSIWYG half a decade before Microsoft Word. I used to dream about this computer. I named her Eliza.

Silver Dollar City was (and still is) a tourist trap near Branson, Missouri. Here, one could fill up on faux old-time schlock like homemade pork-rinds, kettle-corn and peanut brittle. We took Grandpa Guier on this particular trip through the Ozarks.

I'll close with a school photo of Mike from 1983. He actually looks cute here, which is amazing considering the rest of the time he spent being Satan's spawn.

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