Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Cowan's Gap Camping -- Lake Time

The lake at Cowan's Gap is spectacular, if not a bit frigid this time of year. Despite the cold temperature of the water, the lake provided ample entertainment.

The kids spent most of their time on the beach building sand castles, but a few brave souls managed to dip in for a refreshing cold bath. We also rented a few boats and toured around the circumference of the lake. Some of us even fished a bit.

Late in the afternoon, Desi buried Eoin, Ronan and Luke in the sand. He buried them so thoroughly that they couldn't extract themselves. They were truly trapped. Sensing their distress, I walked over with to help them. I fetched a bucket, and began scooping the ice cold water from the lake. You can imagine how quickly they got free after receiving a few cold gallons over their heads. Yes, I'm a cruel daddy! Mwuah ha ha!

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