Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Memorial Day Weekend at Cowan's Gap State Park

Memorial Day weekend was a splendid weekend. The weather was sunny, warm (but not too warm), and no humidity. We spent the weekend camping at Cowan's Gap State Park, a lovely park only 90 minutes away from home.

This was our second time at the park, and it's quickly becoming our favorite for a number of reasons. One, it has great facilities: immaculately clean bathrooms, great camping pads, low density sites, and a lake with snack bar and boat rental facilities. Two, the park has superb hiking trails, as seen on the following picture. The yellow trail is the hike we took this weekend, a 4.6 mile circuit that took us up and down in 700 feet of elevation changes. (The green trail is the challenging trail we took last time we visited Cowan's Gap.)

Finally, the park is just FAR enough from DC to be less peopled than, say, Cunningham Falls, but near enough not to be a half-day's drive away.

All of this, plus our usual crew of friends, adds up to one mega-fine weekend.

I have a BUNCH of photos to post, so I will post a few each night til I get them all posted.

Here's the first set, an artsy set of some of the park flora and fauna. Notice in the photo of the bat, the inset circle of the bat, enlarged. I actually caught that bugger with my flash!


Adolfo said...

Nothing like going to a park- nice get away. I like the picture with the bat. Cool!

sharon said...

Wow Scott! Great pictures. The bat one is really good, I am very impressed. Do you really need a hd lense?

Mom said...

Great pictures! It sounds like you all had a fun weekend get-a-way

jason j said...

I found this from Google.. I'm looking to stay there in a couple of weeks.. Which campsite do you recommend A or B

Scott said...

Cool! We stayed in A, and it was very nice.

jbear said...

cowan's gap was my "backyard" from age 0-12, and I have to say that the beauty of "the gap" is not limited to the mountains and flora, but the wildlife at water's edge and in the water. Next time you go, be sure to go to the small bridge at the stream side of the gap. you might be lucky enough to spot an eastern newt..only the most beautiful newt species of the old, and new world's. good luck-glad you could appreciate the gap as i have.

j.bear 25

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