Thursday, May 29, 2008

Cowan's Gap Camping -- Hiking

Our hiking adventure on Sunday started along the creek on the Plessinger Trail. We then left the creek and wound up the side of the eastern mountain along the Geyer Trail. The Geyer Trail was a pretty difficult climb, going from 1300 feet in elevation to 2000 feet in just about half a mile of distance, something like 14° or a 25% grade.

(Although the Geyer Trail was friendlier than the extreme hand over hand scramble up and down the western mountain on the Horseshoe Trail of last time. I now know why the Horseshoe Trail is named as such: because of the cross-section shape it makes across the saddle of the mountain.)

The Geyer Trial eventually connects up with the Tuscarora Trail at the very top of the eastern peak, opening up into a sunny glade and makeshift campsite for primitive campers. The Tuscarora Trail travels a great distance, connecting up with the Appalachian Trail over sixty miles away to the northeast. We, however, just took it along the eastern mountain ridge and back down to the campground lake.

Our total hike was about 4.6 miles, with a difference in elevation of about 700 feet--a very satisfying hike!

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