Friday, May 30, 2008

Cowan's Gap Camping -- Around the Campsite

The best part of these camping trips are the times we spend with good, close friends. I love sitting with Phil and gossiping about nothing in general, or listening to Desi as he captivates the children with yet another rendition of "The Ghost with One Black Eye." Sharon's mega-burps after a large meal of sausages... well, those I could do without! (But I still love you, Sharon.)

The group particularly enjoyed joke-telling around the fire, and I believe the consensus favorite was Eoin's "A cowboy walks into a salon..." Sometimes, the best jokes are unintentional.

Luke told a funny one at the fire:

There are three guys who are walking along a cliff. Suddenly the back part of the cliff falls away, and they are trapped on a high point. Also suddenly, a genie appears and tells them that if they jump off the side of the cliff and shout any word, their wish will come true.

So the first guy runs and jumps off the cliff while yelling, "Mattresses!" And he lands on a pile of mattresses and lives.

The second guy runs and jumps off the cliff while yelling "Pillows!" And he lands on a pile of pillows and lives.

The third guy runs, but trips on a root before going over the side, and yells, "Awww CRUD!" And he lands in a pile of crud.
Later that night, walking to the bathroom with the boys, Luke proudly informed me that he had censored the joke for the little kids at the fire. He said, "Dad, you know that joke had a bad word in it? But I changed it."

"You did, Luke? How so?" I asked.

"It wasn't supposed to be 'crud'," he said. "It was supposed to be C-R-A-P."

I lauged, "Ah, well, very good, Luke. I'm very proud of you. I think the joke still worked."

So, on these trips, we always have good food (thanks to the ladies), good jokes (thanks to Scott), good stories (thanks to Desi), and good fires (thanks to me!).

That's the end of my Cowan's Gap photos. I hope you enjoyed viewing them as much as we enjoyed posing for them! Good friends. Good times!

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