Wednesday, April 02, 2008

Virginia Federation of Music Clubs -- Junior Festival

A few weekends ago, Eddie performed in his first judged piano festival. The kids weren't competing against each other, but rather, were given the opportunity to place two pieces in front of judges who would then rate their performance based on what was written on the sheet music, and how well they played.

Eddie, as you may recall, played Elephant Stomp and Punch and Judy.

<gush>Well. I cannot be more proud than I am of my son at this particular moment. He did so well!! I am so, SO proud of Eddie!</gush>

Here are the judges' reports:

In case you have a hard time with the handwriting, here's what they say:

From Ms. Frost:

Punch and Judy - Beautiful performance! Nice steady tempo! You did a great job playing staccato and legato! Dynamics were good! Very well done!

Elephant Stomp - Very nice! Great dynamics and staccato! I like the stomps too! Watch the 8th note runs and make sure they're steady! Overall, great performance!

[And my favorite part] Wonderful job for only one year of lessons! I look forward to hearing you next year!

Rating: Superior

From Ms. Taylor:

1. [Punch and Judy] - Wonderful job - Great memory. Good legatos and staccato! Dynamics were good - As you grow you won't need to move on the bench as much when your music goes higher. A Great Performance.

2. [Elephant Stomp] Wow! What a fun piece and what a well done performance! Staccatos were sharp, dynamics great. A wonderful sense of rhythm. Keep up the super work!

Rating: Superior

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