Saturday, March 01, 2008

Eddie's Recital Video 2

As I was heading for Dulles last week, Eddie was sitting down to perform at his "real" piano recital. Of course, I missed his main recital.

I think he did much better in this one than the little private performance he gave to me. The kid performs best under pressure! He's a natural!

Again, as an encore, here is Eddie playing Punch and Judy and Elephant Stomp.


warren said...


You did an excellent job with your recital. It reminded me of when I was you age (boy, was that a long time ago!). I also took piano lessons. My favorite song was Rock of Ages and everyone loved it. Every time I visited anyone who had a piano, my Mom would make me play the song to entertain everyone. Even though I was shy in front of people, I really did enjoy how much everyone liked my playing. But, I was never as good as you. You are doing really great.

Now, you are probably wondering why, if I learned piano when I was young, why I don't plan anymore. What happened was that even though I enjoyed planing the piano, I didn't enjoy practicing. And, as you know, you can't get better if you don't practice. And, I didn't practice. I would skip practice and sneak outside to play. So, I didn't get any better. Eventually, Mom decided that if I didn't want to practice that they couldn't afford to pay for my lessons. So, I stopped.

As I got older, especially in High School, I really regretted stopping my piano lessons. Even today I sometimes think how nice it would be if I could sit and play a nice song any time the mood hit me.

So, don't make the mistake I did. You have a great gift. Keep working on it and it will only become a greater gift as you get older. It will give you many hours of joy, and everyone around you that hears you play will also enjoy and appreciate your talent. Thank you for sharing the video with us.

Grandpa Warren.

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