Thursday, April 03, 2008

Where's Chuck?

I love Adolfo's blog. I really do. All the wonderful travel photos are great, and his blog a fun and energetic outlook on most things in his life. Chuck and Adolfo travel all over southwestern Canada and Mexico, and Adolfo is now preparing to run in a race. His blog is a great way to keep in touch with our in-laws across the continent.

That said, Adolfo recently gave me some "good natured" teasing for my Sedona photos. "Where are all the people?" he asked. "He only has pictures of rocks!" He's right, of course.

It seems Adolfo and I have different styles of photography. Mine is to capture the beauty of the landscape, without people, suitable for framing as "art". (Not that my photos are art, I just always hope that they could be when I take the photo.) I might occasionally take a photo with some people in it, but these are by far in the minority.

Adolfo's style is to capture the people he loves in the photo along with the landmarks--a nice way of showing friends and family in their travels. So, every photo has Chuck posing in it, plastic-smiled. I can practically hear Adolfo telling him, "Oooh, great photo! Pose here!" And I can definitely hear Chuck hissing through his teeth, "Just take the photo!"

I got such a kick out of seeing Chuck in so many of Adolfo's photos, that I thought I would offer this up, as a good hearted homage to my dear brother-in-law.

Chuck at Neuschwanstein.

Chuck at the Eiffel Tower.

Chuck at the Taj Mahal.

Chuck at the Berlin Wall.

Chuck on Mars.

Chuck in Second Life.

That Chuck does get around!

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