Monday, April 07, 2008

Exploring the Creek

The weather has been getting warmer, and Eddie and Luke (and their friends, Sidney, Adam, Riley, and Gabi) have all been exploring the creek lately. They've found a pile of sumac sticks that the power company cut down, and the children have decided to make a boat out of them. Eddie intends to sail his boat (or canoe, as he corrects me), all the way to the source of our creek.

Well, at least it should be good exercise. I'm just glad they're enjoying a little adventure.


Adolfo said...

It sounds pretty awesome you guys! I can't wait to see the end result!

Mom said...

We had woods & a "creek", actually it was a drainage dtich that usually had a trickle of water thru it, when I was a kid. We spent hours playing down there. My brother's & other kids in the neighborhood used to build forts. One of their endeavors was a 2 story structure with very narrow passage ways, that even I as a 50-60# kid had throuble getting thru - thus my phobia for closed in places! Hopefully, the kids can finish their canoe by the time I come to visit & thye can give me a ride in it. I hope I don't swamp it!

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