Sunday, April 06, 2008

Olech and Lindsay's Wedding

The Guier and Bullard families never disappoint. I knew that Olech and Lindsay's wedding would be no different. The wedding itself was picture perfect--Olech looked very dapper in his tuxedo, like a cowboy hemmed into a fine suit, but with none of the cowboy awkwardness. Lindsay was stunningly beautiful in her gown, like a Hollywood movie starlet.

Mike and I had planned to wear kilts at the wedding, but when Mike's flight got canceled, and he couldn't make the wedding, I was left with a decision to still wear the kilt or not. I finally decided to go ahead and wear the darn thing. (I know, big surprise.)

Well, the tone for the evening was set right at the beginning, when Grandma Bullard (Olech's grandmother, not mine)--who is eighty years old and feisty as a cougar--walked up to me, grabbed my left butt-cheek squarely in hand, and asked, "So, you gonna show me what you got under there?"

"Maybe later, Grandma," I stammered. "Let me have a few drinks first!"

For the rest of the night, I fought off her advances. Dad even swatted her hand away when it went "creeping" up my kilt.

Grandma dragged me out on the dance floor, and I twirled her about. For eighty years old, she is a fine dancer! I figure Grandma's outlook is, "You know, I'm eighty years old, and I'm going to do whatever I damn-well want to!"

Grandma eventually did find out what was under my kilt, but that is a story perhaps for a different kind of blog!

The other benefit of the kilt was all the drinks it got me. I didn't pay for a drink all night. Gary and Joey were kind enough to keep me well lubricated with my favorite whiskies: Macallan 12 year, Macallan 18 year, Ardbeg 10 year, and Laphroiag 15 year. It was a very good night! (Thank you, gents! My turn to buy, next time!)

In all, Bob, Terry and Lindsay's mother, Susan, threw an excellent wedding and an even more amazing reception party. Susan was gracious as the mother of the bride, and of course, every eye was wet when Lindsay played a photo-montage to her father, Jerry, who died only a few months before the wedding.

Bob is a few thousand dollars lighter. Terry can finally relax from all the OCD tasks a wedding like this demands of her.

And Olech and Lindsay... they are now on their way to Playa del Carmen, exhausted from their wedding weekend.

God bless them! They make a fine couple.


Terry said...

Dear Scott, Thanks so much for being a part of this celebration. Your photos are amazing! I am passing your email on to the Ponca family.
Really looking forward to seeing the whole family in June.
I rejoice in all your talents!!!
Love, Terry

Mom said...

Scott, thanks for all the great photography & coverage of the wedding. I know a lot of the family will enjoy the pictures. It truely was a wild, wonderful, fun filled weekend. It was so wonderful to see Olech & Lindsay reunite after so many years. The dated thru HS & then went their separate ways. Her Dad, Jerry was so thrilled to see them engaged. It is true that dreams to come true. It's almost a fairy tale ending! The Guiers & Bullards really know how to throw a party!!

Adolfo said...

Scott, great pictures. The bride (Lindsay)and Sandy looked fabulous! Congrats to the recently married- all the best.

Adolfo said...

The 'Feisty Cougar' I have to say IT IS THE BEST! LOL, she has the biggest smile! What did you show her?

mdautrich said...

Hey Scott - great pictures and great post! It was great seeing you at the wedding and we look forward to seeing you in June!!


Matt and Deachi said...

It was so good to see you this weekend. I loved the pictures and the blog post! Grandma is a feisty cougar! LOL!

Anonymous said...

Scott - What a great blog site and group of pictures. I really do appreciate all that you did and the great job you did with the reading and the blessing at the dinner. Not to mention the picture taking. I know Grandma Bullard had fun chasing you around.

Thanks so much for being there. I only wish Mike, Butch and Karyn could have made it. It meant a lot to our family that you were there. Your mom was a huge help to AT.

Thanks again.

UB (Uncle Bob)

mike said...

Scott: I am just so thankful I didn't have to find out what was under your kilt. I think I might have embarrased grandma bullard if she looked under a preachers kilt. It looks absolutely amazing. I wish that I could have found a way to be there.

Olech is a pretty lucky, amazingly lucky guy for 2 reasons. #1 his wife is beautiful and #2 I wasn't there to steal her away. He may not have gotten married if she met the charming Pastor Mikey.

I can't wait to see everyone in June.


olech said...

thank you so much for being here and being able to fight off the advances of an 80 year old woman. You are a truly good sport and an excellent cousin we love you very much.


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