Sunday, March 23, 2008

Happy Easter!

Happy Easter to everyone!

As with most Easter days, it is a glorious, sunny, cool Spring morning. The boys enjoyed (perhaps their last) Easter egg hunt, and then we snacked on all the delicious chocolates that Nana sent us. For brunch, we had Pacific King Salmon on toasted bagels with cream cheese and capers. Delicious!

Easter church service was nice, but very crowded (as usual on Easter). There were tons of children, more than I've ever seen before at church. I love how this church is growing with young families. Fr. Tom gave a great sermon, and the choir sang beautifully for the anthem:


Barry said...

Happy Easter.

AS for the Easter Egg Hunt, I don't think Eddie brought his A game.

Mom said...

I think if Eddie would have left the bear in his room, he may have concentrated more on the egg hunt.

Scott said...

Yes, dear Eddie wasn't "with us" that morning. I tried to get him to put his bear down, but he wouldn't have it. As Barry said, if the eggs didn't roll onto his shoes, he wasn't going to find them.

However, he got exactly what he wanted out of the experience... which was to let Luke do all his hunting for him. And Luke enjoyed that too.

The whole experience reminded me of Eddie playing soccer a few years ago!

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