Thursday, March 20, 2008

Sedona GPS Adventures

And now, for the ubergeeks out there like me, here are some cool GPS maps from our trip out west, showing waypoints and tracks for the places we visited.

This first map shows pretty much the entire area (north to south) that we traversed once in Sedona (two hours north from Phoenix Sky Harbor Airport). The Grand Canyon was another two hours from Sedona to the north.

Next is a map of the greater Sedona area and nearby attractions, including the Tuzigoot and Montezuma National Parks, and Red Rock, Crescent Moon Ranch, and Slide Rock State Parks. From this map, I hope you can tell how remote Palatki is. There are no good roads out there, and this is probably a good thing to help keep it preserved.

Finally, here's a map of our leisurely 1.7 mile hike around Chimney Rock, on the Thunder Mountain trail, almost literally in the backyard of the house Ed and Kathleen were renting. From the track profile, you can see that we traversed a vertical distance of about 300 feet. Not a bad workout, but nothing near as exerting as one of George's hikes.

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