Tuesday, February 12, 2008

I Voted

I voted today in the much anticipated Potomac Primaries. Turnout was like I've never seen it before. Considering this is a primary election, that is pretty amazing! People were parking on the grass way out far from the polling station.

I was absolutely torn between voting Democratic for Obama or voting Republican for McCain. I want to see neither the Clintons nor Huckabee in the running come November.

There's lots of strategy that could be employed here: Vote for the person you'd most like to run against in November (Clinton if you're a traditional conservative, Huckabee if you're a Democrat). Ultimately, I decided to vote for Obama, since McCain seems a lock. Happily enough, Becky was pretty anti-Huckabee, so I think she'll cast her lot with McCain.

All in all, I can't be more pleased than that. It's sort of like I got to vote for both candidates.


JamesF said...

I had about the same thoughts (minus the vote for the opposition idea) on Obama versus McCain. But since most analysis says that it's almost impossible for McCain to lose I figure he doesn't need the help.

I'm just glad we have an open primary since I'm not registered with either party and would have hated to not be able to vote in the primary.

Mom said...

We only had a caucus in MN, so I figure that was pretty much a waste of my time. I am torn about the election this year. I think it will be between Obama & McCain - neither one my first choice. I really worry about Obama's inexperience & extremely liberal views. I still worry that he will destroy our military like Carter did in the 70's & leave us very vulernable to another attack in AMerica. I worry that McCain will be an autocrat like Bush has become. If McCain is my republican choice, I will vote for him - I just pray he gets a good running mate (Romney - not Huckleberry).

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