Thursday, February 14, 2008

Valentine's Advice from Grandpa

After Becky and I returned from our honeymoon, my grandfather, who was already very sick and ailing from prostate cancer, wrote out this personal note of advice. His humble sentiments exemplify the man I remember as Grandpa. His advice is remarkably simple, and yet produced over 50 years of his own blissful marriage.

And after nearly fifteen years, Becky and I are still trying our best and enjoying every moment.

For Mr. and Mrs. Scott Harris

This is advice coming from Grandpa and Grandma. Our Recipe for 50 years and happiness.
  1. Always trust each other.
  2. Do nothing to make one jealous.
  3. Work hard and work together.
  4. Life is not a bed of roses.
  5. When you have a few spats or disagreements, work them out, as making up is a lot of fun.
  6. Don't take your troubles home to your parents, as parents think they are helping but nearly always they will take sides.
  7. Don't ever borrow money from family.
  8. It will make you feel good a few years later to be able to say "I didn't have to have their help at all."
The way the world is going the next few years is going to be tough, so hang tight to one another.

Hope you have a good life as I and your Grandma has had. Wishing you all the best as I know my life is running out so my time is short.

I know you will have a nice family. So with all my love and wishes,

Grandpa Harris
(April 27, 1993)

(Milton Lewis Harris, 1918-1994)

Grandpa was right. So far, so good.

I love you, hon. XXOO x 10^6

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