Monday, February 11, 2008

I'm Finally Giving In...

I've wrestled with this decision for a long time, but I've finally decided to get a new camera. It's certainly not an impulse buy; I've wanted a digital SLR for over a year now. My shopping has been at a low grade simmer for a while now, but I was always deterred by the price.

Well, no longer.

Tempted by the amazing photos from James, Clarence and Gaz, I finally decided it was time to get a camera that could take the photos I want to take. I'm particularly hopeful that all my low-light situations will be nicely captured now with minimal CCD noise. I can't tell you how many times I take photos of the boys indoors (school plays, Cub Scouts, church, etc.), and the photos come out just awful. And if you turn on the flash, well, everything is harsh and white with severe shadows. Very frustrating stuff.

I'll still keep the compact Lumix camera. It's amazingly convenient, and still the only video camera I use. But for trips like the upcoming Sedona and Ireland, it will be very nice to have a real camera.

So, here's what I got: I've already ordered it, so please don't leave me any posts saying, "Oh, you shouldn't have gotten that, really should have gotten X!" I don't want to know!!

I did a little research, and it seems the low f/1.4 lens will be superb for low light situations. I'll have to monkey around with it a while before I decide if I need a macro lens, a super-wide angle lens, a telephoto lens, or external flash gear. I'm sure I will eventually, and it's nice knowing I have a camera that can grow into this stuff.

The camera should arrive by St. Valentine's day. Amazon had really amazingly competitive prices (better than Target and Costco, among others), and the free shipping made it a done deal.

I can't wait!


Mom said...

Nice camera - large, but nice. I agree that my Lumix doesn't do well in large rooms (churches & schools). I did get some great shots of the Bagpiper hunk at Mike's church service tho - maybe it was the lighting!

Are you all going to Sedona for the kids Spring Break???

Scott said...

Big is a physical necessity, I'm learning. You simply have to have a large lens to capture the light properly.

Yes, we're in Sedona for a four-day all expenses paid trip. Can't hardly pass that up when it's 20 degrees here today!

Adolfo said...

Nice camara! Another issue for me is how fast the picture can be taken. Will it be faster than your previous camara(s)?

Scott said...

Very much faster. The start up time is 0.2 secs. That is important, because many times the special shot is gone in the time it takes to say, "Hold it a second!"

Jeff said...

Good camera. Canon is actually better these days than Nikon for DSLRs. I may get one of those for astronomy at some point.

Chuck said...

Very nice... it seems everyone I know is getting into high-end photography. It turns out it's all about the photons: the more the merrier.

On the other end of the spectrum, Urban Outfitters is selling plastic manual cameras with 120mm film. Hot stuff: retro-luddite nostalgia chic in the photography world.

George Walks said...

Very jealous. I would love a digital SLR but the cost says no! However, my point and shoot would still be preferable for most things; I can't imagine coping with a digital SLR in my pocket whilst on a hike!!

Enjoy the new toy!

gaz said...

go scott! you have a beauty there
m8. looking forward to some seriously cool photos.
you'll have a flickr account before you klnow it. ;-]

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