Monday, January 14, 2008

A Trip in the Waaaay Back Machine

Luke and I were rummaging through some old boxes in the basement and we came up with a few cool old photos.

This first one is one of the few photos I have of Grandma on my mom's side. She died in 1977 (same year as Elvis) of lung cancer, though she never smoked a day in her life! This is Grandpa and Grandma posing for a photo before Uncle Bobby and Aunt Terry's wedding.

This second photo is one from Georgia Tech. The people were teammates of mine on a big computer science project where we had to make a final report. It must have been big if the professor was posing us all for photos, but I don't remember it now. I can't believe I can remember all these names, but they suddenly came back to me. In the front row is Takahito Yoshizawa and me. Back row is a guy I don't remember Mark Truluck (Thanks, Takahito!), Sunjoy Parmar (a good friend of mine in the 90's), Lei Lee, and Paul Goodwin.

This last photo is a hoot. Look at how young we all were! This is Becky and me and my folks at the company Christmas party way back when Becky and I were engaged. Look at all that hair!! Only my dad looks the same! (He's always looked like that!)

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