Monday, January 14, 2008

A Trip in the Waaaay Back Machine

Luke and I were rummaging through some old boxes in the basement and we came up with a few cool old photos.

This first one is one of the few photos I have of Grandma on my mom's side. She died in 1977 (same year as Elvis) of lung cancer, though she never smoked a day in her life! This is Grandpa and Grandma posing for a photo before Uncle Bobby and Aunt Terry's wedding.

This second photo is one from Georgia Tech. The people were teammates of mine on a big computer science project where we had to make a final report. It must have been big if the professor was posing us all for photos, but I don't remember it now. I can't believe I can remember all these names, but they suddenly came back to me. In the front row is Takahito Yoshizawa and me. Back row is a guy I don't remember Mark Truluck (Thanks, Takahito!), Sunjoy Parmar (a good friend of mine in the 90's), Lei Lee, and Paul Goodwin.

This last photo is a hoot. Look at how young we all were! This is Becky and me and my folks at the company Christmas party way back when Becky and I were engaged. Look at all that hair!! Only my dad looks the same! (He's always looked like that!)


gaz said...

these are great, especially the last one. why do you suppose they made spectacles sooo big in the 'olden' days?
in reply to you previous post, the only one the media seems to be following closely seems to be hilary! we loved her crying during her speech last week. classic - that'll secure some votes.

mom said...

The first picture is Daddy & Mother getting ready to go to Bob & Terry's wedding. My parents never had wedding pictures since they got married in Reno during my Dad's shore leave before he shipped out for WWII. I think Uncle Butch was conceived on that nite or shortly there after!

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