Friday, January 11, 2008

Electoral Compass

Electoral Compass is a neat little site that asks you a series of questions and maps you out to the current field of candidates. It's actually pretty well done, and I don't detect any biases in the questioning.

It also nailed me pretty well as being socially liberal (pro Mexican immigration, pro gay marriage, anti religion-tied-government, anti government in my bedroom, anti creationism) and economically conservative (pro business, pro small government, anti taxes, anti more government programs).

This puts me squarely between choosing Obama and Ron Paul. Seeing how Paul is not viable, and I would never, ever vote for Giuliani, my next best choice is McCain. This is pretty darn accurate, as I have already decided my votes will go to either the big O or Mack. An Obama-McCain race would thrill me to death, and I think the country would win either way.

You should give the site a try, and let me know in the comments where you stand! I'd love to hear from everybody out there. Here's my graphical profile. I'm the pencil icon.

For my international readers... is this US race getting any press over there? I'm really curious to know. Please comment.

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