Friday, January 11, 2008

Electoral Compass

Electoral Compass is a neat little site that asks you a series of questions and maps you out to the current field of candidates. It's actually pretty well done, and I don't detect any biases in the questioning.

It also nailed me pretty well as being socially liberal (pro Mexican immigration, pro gay marriage, anti religion-tied-government, anti government in my bedroom, anti creationism) and economically conservative (pro business, pro small government, anti taxes, anti more government programs).

This puts me squarely between choosing Obama and Ron Paul. Seeing how Paul is not viable, and I would never, ever vote for Giuliani, my next best choice is McCain. This is pretty darn accurate, as I have already decided my votes will go to either the big O or Mack. An Obama-McCain race would thrill me to death, and I think the country would win either way.

You should give the site a try, and let me know in the comments where you stand! I'd love to hear from everybody out there. Here's my graphical profile. I'm the pencil icon.

For my international readers... is this US race getting any press over there? I'm really curious to know. Please comment.


JamesF said...

First the religion discussion, now a politics one. Man, you're just desperate for comments now. :-)

I'm not taking the test, but I'll chime in my 78 cents worth anyway. I like Edwards, but he has no chance and seems to be jockeying to be Obama's VP at the moment. I think he got hurt pretty bad when Hilary won NH. I have no idea between Hilary and Obama who will get the eventual nod (I'm personally hoping Obama since I'm not a big Hilary fan).

On the Republican side though at this point I just don't have any clear grasp of who's going to pull out the nomination. While I would love to see it be McCain, I would be shocked if he's in for that long. None of the other Republicans even slightly interest me though (aside from Ron Paul, who as you mention, has no chance no matter how much money he gets since it's obvious he's not a favorite of the RNC).

I would love to see an Obama / McCain ticket (or McCain / Obama). Talk about bridging partisan lines, that would do it.

If McCain or Obama aren't one of the choices at the end, it's really going to be a nasty lesser of two evils choice. If that happens I would probably go democratic just because I feel the Supreme Court is too far to the right at the moment and I suspect we're going to lose a one or more of the liberal justices in the next term so that last thing I would want is more conservative justices at this point.

Scott said...

Man, James, you're like my freakin' clone. I completely agree with absolutely everything you said.

Barry said...

My compass mark is between the economic neutrality line and Obama and just South of Obama on the social scale.

Unfortunately, I'm not a fan of Obama. Too much hope and change talk and not enough detail in his positions.

I'd vote for Hillary, possibly Mccain, and possibly Bloomberg if he runs. Though at this point no one really excites me.

To me Huckabee is the most charismatic of the group, but his position for having a litmus test on appointees on all the social conservative stances is a non-starter for me. His fair tax proposal also makes no sense.

Guiliani would make a deal with devil; wouldn't trust him farther than I could throw him.

Can't stand ambulance chasing lawyers, so Edwards is out.

Romney reminds me of Bush (our first MBA president), not sure we need another.

So, I'm pretty much back to Hillary. In my book she's smart as anything, which would be a nice change from who's in office now.

Scott said...

My biggest problem with Hillary is the whole "Dynasty Entitlement" thing, and the fact that she claims Bill's eight years in office as her own.

Anonymous said...

You don't have to guess where my compass points,but before my parents visited I did have trouble with Obama or Clinton. My issues with Clinton are the change factor Bush-Clinton-Bush-Clinton also she is such a polarizing figure for our country, other than Carl Rove, no person is so hated. I do not want to see more Special Prosecutors and expensive investigations looking into blowjobs and haircuts. The other thing about Hilary is she brings the same characters to the stage that have been there before, its like an episode of the West Wing where they cart out all the "has been" television actors to fill the cabinet posts. I want someone new and exciting and unexpected, I want to re-invent the prestident.

dad said...

Thought you might want to see where I landed. Looks like I am closest to Ron Paul.

Scott said...

That doesn't surprise me. It's easy for guys like you and me to be called "Libertarian" when we basically believe that federal government should be limited in almost everything. I'm probably a little higher in the "Social" spectrum than you are because of my more liberal beliefs for immigration and gay rights. But everything else for me (fiscal, defense, etc.) is probably a mirror image of you.

Too bad Ron Paul isn't viable.

Do you think you'll be able to support McCain?

dad said...

I for sure will support McCain. My problem with McCain isn't his policies. I just think he sometimes is a mean old man and I worry that at his age he won't have the vigor or stamina that it takes to be President. He hasn't shown that on the campaign trail though.

By the way, on immigration, I am for open borders (within reason). Don't you think it is funny that at the same time as Europe is taking down centuries old borders, we are building them?

Scott said...

I agree. I think the wall across the southern border is an incredible waste of money because it won't be effective, and is a horrible symbolic failure. I heard it would cost billions per each 20 miles. That's just nuts when you consider that border is like 2000 mile long.

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