Sunday, December 09, 2007

Tis the Season...

The lights are up and the tree is decorated. We are now ready for Christmas to begin!

Today at church, during the children's homily, Fr. Tom was telling the children about the advent wreath, and explaining how we light a new candle each week of Advent as we await the coming Christmas.

Uncharacteristically, Eddie blurted out, "Why do we need to light four candles? Let's just have Christmas now!" Usually, it's Lucas who gets the crowd at church rolling with laughter.

The real reason, Eddie, that we wait four weeks for Christmas is so that your dad has time to get all the lights on the house before Christmas arrives!


Chuck said...

Beautiful! For our xmas decorations, we have a Christmas Cactus and a freshly waxed floor. Hi-rise living & live trees don't work together well, and fake trees don't do it for me.

Scott said...

Aw, come on, Chuck. I seem to remember a spinning aluminum tree on a multi-colored turntable one year.

JamesF said...

That's a lot of outside lights. Are they still the LED ones from last year?

Scott said...

Yes, that's right. They're 95% LEDs now, both inside and out. The only incandescent bulbs left are the white ones, and I have some LED "warm white" replacements already in the mail.

Next year, we'll be 100% LED, and I will never again have to debug a light string looking for burned out bulbs. (Not to mention the Watts saved.)

Mom said...

Your house & lights look great as usual. We won't do a tree this year. I'm tired of the cat un-decorating everything from it. The candy cane tinsel garland can't take another year of cats. Since we will be in NC at Mike's for OUR FAMILY CHRISTMAS celebration, there is no need to leave a decorated tree for the cats!

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