Saturday, December 08, 2007

Christmas Parade

Christmas is quickly approaching, and with it, the annual Christmas Parade! This year's parade proved much warmer than last year, which was a blessing, indeed.

This was our second annual showing of the PMPL parade float. This year, also, Eddie walked the parade route with his Mountain View chorus group.

Kicking off the parade was an awesome vintage drum and fife corps, followed by the Mountain View kids chorus. Though Eddie is in the throng of children, and you can hear Becky desperately calling out to him, I have yet been unable to find him in the crowd.

We got the usual reactions as we floated through town--a mixture of surprise, disbelief, appreciation and jealousy. Surely everybody was wishing to be on the PMPL float this year!

Becky was able to catch the parade this year (unlike the disaster of last year, when I gave her the wrong time!). Give her all the video credits.

Two of our PMPL brethren decided to watch the float from the sidelines. Of course, this met with our strict disapproval, so they were promptly pelted with hard candy until they forced to find shelter from our taunting.

Even jolly ol' Santa Claus made an appearance, asking us to deal him in on the last hand!

Of course, we must give credit to our Sorority House Mother, Harry, for arranging the whole ridiculous (but very entertaining) endeavor!

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