Saturday, July 14, 2007

Smoothrock Lake -- Day Four

Day four, the seventh of July, saw us trying out the portage to Spring Lake. This was a one mile hike through gnat and mosquito infested woods. The hike was as pleasant as one can be when fighting off mosquitoes carrying a forty pound can of gasoline for the boat at the other end of the portage. Once we arrived at the boat stored away on the remote Spring Lake, we discovered that we would have to wade in knee deep water to turn the boat over and install the motor. This while continuing to battle mosquitoes. No thanks. We turned tail and fled back the way we came.

In the afternoon, we discovered Boiling Sand River, which proved to be THE most productive and reliable walleye spot of the entire trip. This river would ensure walleye was on the table for the rest of the trip!

Motoring around on the lake.

Braving the rapids to enter the area north of Spring Lake.

Portaging through the woods. Looks pleasant enough. (Looks can be deceiving.)

A rare wild iris on our trip.

We did catch some respectable fish. Notice how cool I think I look, and yet, I seem to have caught my fishing line in my hat pins. Cool, indeed. (Just so you know, I could have photoshopped that out!)

At the end of the Boiling Sand River, we found a pleasant little waterfall.

My trusty lure for the week. All the northerners said it was a ridiculous lure to use, being a southern bass lure, but results proved otherwise. By the end of the week, we were all using this lure exclusively.

It even worked on the babies!

Another dramatic sunset sky brings another splendid day to a close.

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