Friday, July 13, 2007

Smoothrock Lake -- Day Three

On day three, July 6th, we explored Sandy Bay in the north eastern quadrant of the lake, across from Goathead Bay. By lunchtime, Sandy Bay hadn't offered up her bounty, so we had a shore lunch on an inviting outcropping of rocks, and then made our way to just north of Spring Lake, near the rapids south of our cabin. Walleye like rapids and moving water, so this proved more productive and we again were able to eat fish for dinner, breaded and served with rice pilaf and carrots.

Beautiful morning for a boat ride.

Disembarking for our shore lunch.

A beer for me? Don't mind if I do!

Finish up that beer before we go.

Maybe take care of some other business too before getting back into the boat.

Entering the Spring Lake area.

This was Uncle Dale's smallest catch of the trip! We brought no live minnows. He actually caught that bugger!

Fish for dinner! We'll eat tonight. Two should be plenty!

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