Saturday, July 14, 2007

Smoothrock Lake -- Day Five

Day five was Sunday, our last full day at Smoothrock. We did some rather unsuccessful trolling for the legendary lake trout (everyone talks about lake trout, but it seems nobody has ever caught one) in the far northern part of the lake, and eventually we went back to the reliable Boiling Sand River, though Mike stayed behind to write his sermon for the coming Sunday.

We spotted several signs of beavers, including tooth-cut logs, but no actual beavers. We also spotted a black bear swimming across the river, but couldn't get a decent photo of the bear because he disappeared so quickly. We weren't eager to pursue.

We also saw a variety of flora, including wild blueberries and native rosebay willowherb.

A rather morbid scene, but believe me, the pike lived to strike again.

Dinner for the night. As this was our last full night, we had a feast of fish prepared in a garlic, shallot, lemon, white wine sauce with hot buttered noodles, peas and corn. Delicious!

A rather nice group shot of the four fishermen.

We were blessed with a beautiful double rainbow just as we said grace for dinner.

Gertrude, our companion for the week, was always nearby for a spare scrap.


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